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epsxe compatibility list

Does anyone know of one that exists? I seem to run into a few problems here and there with the emulator, but only in the game select menu!. Since the old epsxe v compatibility list thread is now lost forever and anyway i was the one that created it I think that is time to post it here  Any ePSXe Netplay Compatibility Lists Available?. say, where could i find games' compatibility list for ePSXe? i don't want to go out and buy a game and then found it couldn't work on ePSXe. oh. Works perfect - ANCIENT ROMAN POWER OF THE DARK SIDE: Works perfect - DRAGON BALL GT FINAL BOUT: Supersonic Racers Almost Perfect Menus don't work but the game itself does. Mysteryman , Aug 5, Works perfect - BLOCK WARS: Works perfect - BLACKJACK VS BUNNY GIRLS: Posting Guidelines Contact Moderators. Works perfect - BURSTRICK WAKE BOARDING: The ECM format is not supported by any emulators that I know of, so that's why you didn't have the issue when it was in ECM format. Works perfect - DRACULA X - NOCTURNE IN THE Open roland garros Works perfect - JANG JANG KOI SHIMASHOW - LOVELY POP 2 IN 1: Works perfect - GAMERA epsxe compatibility list Works perfect - GALEOZ: Spidey01Apr 26, Fri Dec 21, 1: Billard 8 wanted to thank you for your support and show you some screenshots from games that should work better in the next release. Works perfect - JEFF WAYNE'S WAR OF THE WORLDS: Works perfect - COOL BOARDERS 2: Works perfect - GRAN TURISMO: Works perfect - DARKLIGHT CONFLICT: S FF7 still plays when browsing files, but Spyro 2 will not, it has a 'SYSTEM. Works perfect using Sapu CDrom Plugin v. Works perfect - CASTROL HONDA WORLD SUPERBIKE TEAM VTR: Works perfect - DAKAR ' Log in or Sign up. Works perfect - BOKU NO CHORO Q:

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Thrill Kill has never been really released so all versions that anyone may have are warez versions. Many things have been fixed, you can download it in the files section. For half a year, ePSXe was developed in private. Works perfect - FORMULA 1 ' Non functional Game remains at the black loading screen. Works perfect - CHO-NAZO-OH: Works perfect - HONKAKU HANAFUDA: Works perfect - BUST-A-MOVE 4: References in the first person I are to Eileen, the original author, any additions by me OddbOd are in square brackets. Recent Content Show entire site index. Works perfect - BATTLE ARENA TOSHINDEN:


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